Hartman Executive Advisors

Hartman Executive Advisors is a strategic business and technology consulting firm. Our mission is to help mid-market and growing businesses transform their IT resources into a core business strength. As subject matter experts on the capabilities and opportunities that today’s technologies can offer, our senior IT advisors bring unbiased, vendor independent expertise to assessing, planning and executing your business needs. As innovative thinkers, we help our customers find the next new idea that can launch their business ahead of the competition.

Most CEOs see IT as an expense. We at Hartman Executive Advisors see IT as an investment. The key difference is knowing what your return is on that investment. Hartman gives companies the confidence that the money they invest in IT is paying off at the bottom line.

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Maryland CIO Roundtable

Today’s CIOs must be able to transition their roles from that of senior technology manager to strategic business resource for their companies. The Maryland CIO Roundtable will give you the tools to make that transition. As a peer advisory board, the Maryland CIO Roundtable is a forum for IT leaders of mid-sized companies and organizations to discuss issues of strategic importance to their companies, within a context of technology integration. The Roundtable is an opportunity for IT leaders to seek feedback, advice and ideas from fellow IT leaders on topics of current importance to their IT departments. So that our members can share information openly and safely, the forum is not open to vendors or resellers.

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